18 th International BOOK FAIR

About the fair

The Book Fair gathers those involved in the fields of literature, publishing, media, scientific and professional magazine publishing and it is also a meeting point for writers and readers.
During the six days of the event, there will be presentations of several thousands of editions in the categories of fictions, professional and scientific editions, encyclopaedia, etc., with a special segment – the "Days of Laza Kostić", featuring guest appearances of laureates of awards for literature, translators, critics, as well as the "Laza Kostić" Literary Award for the publishing endeavour of the year, i.e. between two Book Fairs.


Prospect view


In the category of  spirits, the Great Champions Cup went to representatives of the Association of Brandy Producers SRPSKA RAKIJA, Belgrade - (for organized presentation) for top-quality and wide assortment of fruit brandies and BMB DELTA, Gradiška, the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina – for supreme quality and wide assortment of natural brandies. The Silver Cup went to ZENIT from Ćuprija, while the Novi Sad Fair Cup went to LUKIĆ CELLAR, Babajić, Ljig.

In the category of wines, the Great Champion Cup was awarded to the organized presentation of VIVIS – Association of Winegrowers and Wine-makers of Serbia from Belgrade and to Radivoje Asanović from Podgorica. The Silver Champions Cup went to VINA DORNBERG, Dornberg, Slovenia and VINARIJA ŽIVANOVIĆ, Sremski Karlovci. In the same category, the Novi Sad Fair Cup went to BOŽIDAR V. ŠOFRANAC, Rvaši, Cetinje, Montenegro. For the organized presentation in the category of spirits and wines, the Great Champions Cup went to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WINE-MAKERS AND WINEGROWERS OF MONTENEGRO, while the Novi Sad Fair Cup went to VINARIJA VUKIĆEVIĆ - Beri, Podgorica, Montenegro.

For the outstanding quality of a wide assortment of wines in the category of mass-production, the Great Champions Cup was presented to 13. JUL - PLANTAŽE AD, Podgorica - Montenegro,

The product quality appraisal committee tasted 264 samples submitted by 120 participants and awarded six Great Champions Cups, two Silver and three Novi Sad Fair Cups. Also, they awarded 36 Great Gold medals, 106 Gold, 96 Silver and 10 Bronze medals, seven charters, nine certificates and 15 titles of Quality Champions in the commodity group.

At the "Taste Challenges" event, held today at the Congress Centre of the Novi Sad Fair, producers of wines and spirits presented their products, assessed by expert committees and relished by professionals. Various tasting events, lectures and meetings with professionals were also organized.

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