83rd International Agricultural Fair

The International Agricultural Fair has maintained for years the reputation of one of the most important business events in the area of agriculture of the Western Balkans. The number of participants and visitors, promotion of products and services from 60 countries worldwide, as well as business results place the Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair among ten most important agricultural fairs in Europe.









The event gathers the biggest players which present their products and services in the area of agricultural production, food and beverage industry, agricultural machinery, food-processing industry equipment, chemical and protective substances, organic food, as well as other products and services in agribusiness. The Fair is a place where farmers from the country and region meet.

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40.000m2    Surface  of the outdoor  exhibition space
9.000 m2     Surface  of the  indoor exhibition space
5.000 m2     Surface of National Exhibition of livestock
1.500           Number of exhibitors
24                Number of countries  which are direct exhibitors
35                Number of countries which are indirect exhibitors
1.300           Live  exhibits at the National Livestock Exhibition
30                Commodity groups on Appraisal of Product Quality
92.000         Number of tickets sold at the box office of the Fair
114.540       Number of registered (ticket-buying) visitors
7                  Seven collective exhibitions (Austria, Croatia, Holland, Italy, China, Hungary, Republika Srpska) 

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Exhibition segments

31%     Agricultural machinery, equipment and parts
10%     Food and beverage
9%       Machinery and equipment for the food industry
8%       Livestock breeding
8%       Plant production and petrochemicals
8%       Dedicated facilities and processing plants, processing and storage in plant production
7%       Organic farming
4%       Packaging
3%       Renewable energy
2%       Financial services
10%     Other  areas related to Agrar

Structure of the visitors

60%    Wide audience
24%    Organised  collective visits
16%    Visits of business people, traders, entrepreneurs, scientists and  professionals

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  • Exhibition of agricultural machinery was marked with the presence of the best known world brands, while agricultural machinery, tractors, combines, accessories and equipment were exhibited at an open space within the Novi Sad Fair.
  • National exhibition of cattle, which was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, presented around 1,300 live exhibits from the national genofund. The Day of Cattle Breeders was marked on Thursday, May 14th at the Manege of the Novi Sad Fair with awarding of prizes and recognitions for the best heads of cattle.
  • The Exhibition of Organically-Grown Products and Products with Protected Geographical Indication, held with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection and in cooperation with Serbia Organica National Association, promoted 26 producers all over Serbia. Serbian products with protected geographical indication were presented.
  • International business meetings “AgroB2B@NSFair“ were marked with the participation of more than 86 companies from 10 countries.
  • Congress segment of the Agricultural Fair included more than 50 events held in the Congress Centre "Master" of the Novi Sad Fair.
  • Product quality audit was organised before and during the Fair and commissions comprised of faculty professors and scientists examined foodstuffs, live exhibits and agricultural machinery classified in 30 commodity groups.


• Competition in show jumping
• Competition in team riding
• Exhibition of small animals
• Day of Cattle Breeders with ceremonial parade of the rewarded cattle