Cattle Breeders Rub Their Hands Together with Delight as Cattle Show Goes Great Guns


According to Delta Agrar Category Manager for pig production, Zoran Uzelac, all of the exhibited pigs were sold out, especially the gilts that were selling like hotcakes.

“Our stand attracted lots of attention by swine breeders who were particularly interested in the gilts; the gestating ones sold for 380 Euros a head and the sows for slaughter were running at 450 Euros”, said Uzelac.
The autochthonous livestock breeders also reported good sales results at the Fair. The Svrljig Pramenka sheep breed had the selling price of 100 Euros for a ewe lamb, ram lambs sold at 150 a head while ewes were priced at 200 Euros a head.

A goat breeder of Velika Plana, Slavoljub Ilic, told the news reporter that ever since he had started to exhibit at the Fair, in 2013, the ewes and lambs sales had reached the highest level.

“Every single lamb head exhibited was sold for 200 Euros a head, we had some livestock breeders asking about our buck, which was a big draw at our stand this year, that was selling for 2,000 Euros.

Another exhibitor at the Cattle Show was Zivinarstvo Poultry Growers Cooperative of Novi Sad, which featured a range of popular chicken breeds – Friesians and Banat Naked Neck – referred to as the genetic resource of Serbia, that were available for purchase at special fair discount prices ranging from 60 to 100 RSD.

The Novi Sad Fair “Manege” was running a busy schedule; a raft of fun equine activities ranged from horse pulls to dressage to show jumping. Tens of thousands of horse devotees flocked to “Manege” to see the best of the equine world. The show was followed by an interesting exhibition of old crafts, farm tools, horseshoeing and saddle craftsmanship.

The Deronje-based company for cattle genetics, Center for embryo technology and in vitro fertilization, Maxi Bulls, also made their presence felt at the International Agricultural Fair. The company’s managing director, Dimitrije Lucar, said Maxi Bull had actually debuted at the Fair. “The number of people who visited our pavilion was astounding and the business results exceeded our expectations. We conducted lengthy negotiations with prospective partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. We spoke to lots of farmers and pet and animal care center representatives who shared their ideas with us in a friendly and informative environment. We are definitely coming back next year”, Lucar said.