49th International Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Sport

At the beginning of autumn at the Novi Sad Fair there have been for almost fifty years Lorist Fairs held. Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Sport is visited by hunters and fishermen from all over the region, who get familiar with new arrivals, renew and replenish their collections, accessories and equipment. This event is also a meeting point of all those fans of nature and sport. Together with fairs of forestry, horticulture and ecology, the event is a great pleasure for visitors and one of the most well known in the region.








The exhibition covers

  • Hunting and personal weapons
  • Hunting ammunition
  • Hunting accessories, equpment, clothes and footwear
  • Fishing accessories, equipment, clothers and footwear
  • Sports and camping equipment
  • Specialist literature
  • New products, planet preservation solutions and designs
  • Biologically produced food
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Processing, drying, storage and use of medicinal, aromatic plants and herbs 
  • Honey and other bee products
  • Plant-based suppementary pharmaceutical products
  • Plant-based beauty products, essential oils and tinctures
  • Seeds and nursery plants
  • Horticulture equipment and accessories
  • Green-house temperature maintenance devices
  • Garden and park equipment
  • Phytopharmacy
  • Presentation of sports associations, clubs and educational instituitons




  • Hunting Day
  • Fishing Day
  • Forestry Day
  • Hunt Trophy Exhibition
  • Fishing New Arrivals
  • Educational Meetings on Environmentalism
  • Flower Market
  • Small Animal Exhibition
  • One-Day Small Animal Market
  • Sports Competitions
  • Game Paprikas Contest Fishermen Competitions