23rd International Fair ECO-WORLD

Environment protection and returning to the nature are a common ground for all exhibitors at "Eco-world". It is a unique opportunity for presentation of modern technologies, ecological standards and innovations, which will improve environment protection. The interest among the visitors in this event has been steadily increasing and particularly attractive are the events organised by pupils and students within "Ecological classroom", as well as other educational events organised during the event.







Exhibition covers

    Ecological equipment, machines and education
    New products, solutions and projects for environment protection
    Biologically produced food
    Eco-friendly packaging
    Projects related to provision of drinking water to towns and settlements
    Water protection and purification
    Other activities related to water production and utilisation
    Processing, drying and utilisation of medicinal herbs and spices
    Additional pharmaceutical agents based on herbs
    Make-up, aromatic oils and tinctures based on herbs
    Technical-technological solutions, plans and projects of cities and municipalities related to environment protection