Due to the success of the exhibition "Fishing Show & Outdoor World" held in 2016, the "Fishing Show & Outdoor World", an Fair of fishing and outdoor equipment is scheduled to be held from Thursday, 16 March through Sunday, 19 March 2017.  It is designed for those fond of fishing and staying outdoors and organized at the right time – when fishermen are impatiently expecting a new season and are getting ready for fishing, buying new equipment and preparing their boats.







The focus will be on novelties in equipment, accessories, as well as on the presentation of new trends for the fishing season. There will also be edu-cational events, specialized events for fishermen and those who go in for water outdoor activities on the territory of Serbia. 
We are preparing an attractive programme of accompanying events and a Raffle  for visitors. In the outdoor area of the Fair there will be a sports-recreation park in which, among other activities, extreme sports will be presented.

Fishing SHOW
• New products in fishing equipment and
   equipment for active staying outdoors
• Presentation of 2017
   fishing season trends  

There are 458 registered fishing associations in Serbia, i.e. approximately 110,000 fishermen. Representatives of the prominent global brands will present their latest products for the first time.
Manufacturers will present craft workshops and their assortment will be supplemented with handmade product manufacturers.  


  • Representatives and dealers of world-wide famous fishing equipment brands
  • Owners of commercial fishing areas
  • Manufacturers and dealers of nautical fishing equipment
  • Manufacturers
  • Hand-made product manufacturers
  • Manufacturers and dealers of outdoor equipment

Accompanying events:

  • Lectures on fishing techniques
  • Educational events on water protection and preservation
  • Lectures on fish stock preservation and increase
  • Fishermen competitions
  • Sports-recreation park

Serbia is the richest country in water resources in this part of Europe, and among others, we have a great number of commercial recreational fishing ponds, approx. 300 shops with fishing equipment, over 450 registered fishing associations, as well as 110.000 fishermen.

presents to you:

  • tents
  • sleeping bags  
  • mats and liners
  • portable grills
  • cooling bags
  • gas lights
  • bags and backpacks
  • camping furniture
  • torches and lanterns  
  • stoves and gas cartridges  
  • canopies  
  • sleeping pads
  • binoculars
  • dishes and cutlery
  • boats
  • sonars
  • boat equipment
  • outboard motors
  • extreme sport equpment and accessories