12th International Fair of Education GUIDELINES

International Fair of Education at the Novi Sad Fair is the intersection of offer and the situation on all levels of education in Serbia. Public and private universities, colleges, elementary and secondary schools, academies, national universities, language schools and schools of computers will be presented. Visitors can get acquainted with the activities of student organizations,information centres, youth organizations, agencies for training and education of employees, publishers and institutions.









-    Gathering of students and representatives of educational and scientific institutions
-    The opportunity to represent the educational directions and admission requirements
-    Within the follow-up activities are held debates and lectures on current developments in a high and secondary education
-    Promotion of the activities of student organizations, information centers, youth organizations, agencies for training and education of employees


  •     Public and Private Schools
  •     Public and Private Universities
  •     Public and Private Colleges
  •     Academies
  •     Student Associations
  •     Publishers
  •     Foreign Language Schools
  •     Computer Schools
  •     Scientific Institutions