A place where supply and demand, science and practice meet


The Central European Fair Alliance – CEFA Chief Secretary Janoš Barabaš and the Director of the Adriatic Fair Rajko Bujković visited the Fair in Novi Sad and the 82nd International Agricultural Fair yesterday.

cefaSlobodan Cvetković, MA, General Manger of the Fair in Novi Sad introduced the guests to the ongoing event, the Fair which is one of the most important agribusiness fairs in Europe, as well as those events taking place at the Fair throughout the year and pointed out that the collaboration of regional fairs is highly important for everybody, and for fair events at large.

- Organizing fairs is different from what t used to be, the role of modern technology and a fast circulation of information are more prominent, but fairs are still important as places where supply demand meet, as well as science and practice – said Cvetković.

According to him, there are several segments in the area of exhibition and of interest of the general public, the exhibitors and businessmen, and a lot of work needs to go into it in order to meet all the demands, which the Fair in Novi Sad has been doing successfully for years.

- It is my great pleasure to be at the Fair in Novi Sad because there is an encouraging business atmosphere here – Barabaš said. – The collaboration of regional fairs is very useful and it is clear that we achieve the best results by working together, by exchanging opinions and experiences.

The Director of the Adriatic Fair showed good cooperation with the Fair in Novi Sad, but also said that things can always be improved and introduced the events of his fair to the guests present.