Agriculture is Serbia’s most important resource


As he opened the 82nd International Agricultural Fair, Dušan Vujović, the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, said that agriculture is our country’s most important resource.

-On the road to European integration, we as a country are prepared to do our share of the work, to complete our infrastructure, to further our agriculture incentive system from supporting the old extensive production to the production of highly valuable products, to the production of that which will give Serbia a much higher income than before, said Minster Vujović, adding that representatives from all the former Yugoslavian republics, in which Vojvodina was the proverbial granary,  are present at the Fair. Serbia’s current goal is the export of valuable agricultural products into Europe. The Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Snežana Bogosavljević Bošković, reminded that Serbian agribusiness made a surplus of one billion Euros in last year’s foreign trade.
-However, the scope of our production in many agricultural products is often insufficient to gain a secure foothold in the foreign market despite our effort and the results the Government and the Ministry achieved regarding opening doors to large and important international food markets. Thus, yield increase is a task of paramount importance – Minister Bogosavljević Bošković concludes.
The Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, welcomed exhibitors and guests to the 82nd  International Agricultural Fair.
-Every time, year after year, we optimize chances for development and move along the path of progress in these gatherings. This is exactly why this Fair is so important, as it gathers the greatest experts and the best businessmen and farmers from the whole world – Vučević emphasizes.
On behalf of Italy, this year’s friend and next year’s partner country of the Agricultural fair, Giovanni Mafodda, the Director of the Belgrade Office of the Italian Trade Commission which organized a collective presentation of Italian companies, spoke to guests and exhibitors of the Fair.
The General Manager of the Fair in Novi Sad, Slobodan Cvetković, MA, said that there are over 1.500 exhibitors showing products and services from more than 60 countries from all over the world at this year’s International Agricultural Fair.  Seven collective exhibitions from Austria, Croatia, The Netherlands, Italy, China, Hungary and Republika Srpska are featured. For the first time ever, “Al Dahra”, one of the world’s largest agribusiness companies hailing from the United Arab Emirates, will be showcased at the Fair. Cvetković also highlighted the largest agricultural mechanization exhibition and the national livestock exhibition, as well as the exhibition of organic products and products with geographical indication.