B2B@NS Fair business meetings


With this B2B@NS Fair project, carried out with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the University of Novi Sad, the Fair is leaving behind a strictly exhibitory framework the purpose of which is presenting exhibits and technological achievements to the general public – said Slobodan Cvetković, MA, General Director of the Fair in Novi Sad on the occasion of the AgroB2B@NSFair business conference opening at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair.

- This conference is practically a small oasis for the people from the business sector, who can talk, exchange their experiences and thus get a clearer idea of the focus of their visit to the Fair in Novi Sad, away from the crowds and the noise – Cvetković said. – This meeting is an extraordinary thing as it provides the opportunity to people who are not exhibitors to also get in touch with domestic and international partners. In this way, the Fair in Novi Sad has created the environment in which to exchange information and has become a generator of export and import and international exchange. This is a positive step and a practice to come from it must be of an even higher quality. I hope that next year, this B2B conference room will end up being too small to accommodate all the interested company representatives taking part in the event. We will try to provide all the technical conditions for you to gain access to the database early and get in touch will all the exhibitors that might interest you. The catalogue that you have now will probably be a database of sorts for next year. That is the direction that the Fair in Novi Sad must go. We plan on making a virtual fair which would be available to our exhibitors and visitors every day of the year. Thank you all for being here, I wish you to have fruitful meeting and hope to see you next year.
The organizer of the B2B conference is the University of Novi Sad with the “Fractals” project, financed by the European Commission, which is the first time it is offering funds instead of spending them on science projects.
- Through the “Fractals” project, five million Euros have so far been invested in small and medium enterprises - Vesna Crnojević-Bengin, a professor at the BioSens Institute  says. – These are grants that companies from all over Europe have applied for with the purpose of implementing information technology in agriculture. We are happy that 13 Serbian companies have received these grants. We see this B2B conference as the beginning of a new cooperation between the University and companies dealing with implementation of information technology in agriculture.
The B2B conference at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair is dedicated to the first round within the “Fractals” project where 60 companies have received between 50.000 and 150.000 Euros for their projects.