Beans for the whole world


This year at the International Agricultural Fair, there is a company from Kyrgyzstan for the first time ever. It is "Abada Trade" from Kyzyl-Adyl in the Talas River valley. Their main product is beans, but they also grow and dry fruit.

- Seeing as how we are already in business with the Balkan countries, we came to the International Agricultural Fair to meet out new partners – said the Director of  "Abada Trade", Kambar Maatkazijev. – During the very first days of the Fair, there was a lot of interest from many businessmen from many countries, so we have made arrangements to sign business contracts with many of them here.

Kyrgyzstan is one the leading countries in bean production. As wheat is to Serbia and Europe, so are beans to this country.

The "Abada Trade" company itself exports 80.000 tons of beans yearly, 20.000 tons of which goes to Balkan countries.

Director Maatkazijev emphasizes that his company is one of the larger exporters of beans in Kyrgyzstan with business experience spanning over 15 years, and what gives them an edge on the international market is above all their completely chemical-free production. Maatkazijev also points out that they are also direct producers and they have at their disposal varying equipment and technical lines for cleaning, calibration and packaging of beans, as well as their own technically sound planting, growing and harvesting  stations, their own warehouses in Moscow and Lithuania and that all of this is monitored by quality control.