Brand New Hazelnut Processing Line – A Smash Hit


A brand new hazelnut processing line, designed and patented by Agrokons of Mali Idjos, has debuted at the 83rd annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.

The processing line provides a one-stop, four-in-one solution for the food industry – it collects, calibrates, cracks (includes pre-cracking, shell removal, post-cracking and sorting) and peels hazelnuts.

“This new line is entirely our own design”, says Nikola Nadj, Agrokons sales rep.

“It has been patented and is now on the market for 10,000 Euros. Demands have been made for immediate distribution and Agrokons is trying to satisfy it, so much so that we have one line already sold.”

Nadj says that the company’s officials are satisfied with the amount of attention the new hazelnut line is drawing to the extent that “we will be giving a special presentation on its utilization and production performance”.

According to him, food producers looking to invest in cutting-edge piece of machinery of this kind and magnitude will be making a sound decision business-wise as the expected return of the investment is likely to be achieved with hazelnut growers growing 7,4 acres or more in addition to numerous loan alternatives that agribusinesses are being offered in terms of financing.