Breaking Into the Serbian Market Through Kanjiza


At the 83rd Annual International Agricultural Fair Hungary can be found exhibiting in Hall 1. An exhaustive array of food products will be displayed over the course of seven days exclusively brought to you by the Kanjiza-based company Tisacoop.

According to Tisacoop managing director, Nikola Zmukic, the greatest thanks go to Agromarketing Center of the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and Turismus Kft from Budapest who went to great extent to make all of this possible.

Hungary will be presenting to the audience of trade visitors a plethora of their best staples ranging from fermented meat and dairy products to popular Hungarian cheeses followed by a mini presentation on Hungary’s most exquisite wine sorts from the regions of Tokay, Eger, Etyek-Buda, Badacsony and many others.

Among of the well-established producers were Pick Szeged Zrt., Sepa, a can producing Szeged-based company and Pannontej dairy products manufacturing and trading company.