Even the pickiest left satisfied with mechanization exhibition


“Majevica” from Bačka Palanka presented their entire assortment at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair and sold at least one item from every segment of their program. Almost the whole of sales was done on credit and, all things considered, they are satisfied – said Miloš Mlađenić, a sales specialist at “Majevica”.

At the “Agroglobe” company, they point out that this visit was better than their previous ones. They sold a part of the machines exhibited at the Fair and, according to Nikola Mijatov, the Director of the Mechanization program, they expect the most profit from the dozens of preliminary contracts struck at the Fair.

The “Res Trade International” company used their exhibition to premiere series 5 of “John Deere” tractors, from 36 to 75HP. They say they are pleasantly surprised by the interest the buyers showed in their machines.
- We are also happy with the sales of tractors series 6, 7 and 8 and other parts of the program and having been visited by representatives from multiple companies from Germany, Spain, Turkey and Great Britain, which is very important to us – says Bogdan Crnojački, marketing and sales coordinator.

At the “Almeks” company, they say they did better business than the previous years and that they did better than expected, considering the adverse monetary situation in agribusiness.

Aleksandra Švonja, the Director of Marketing in “Agropanonka MTZ Finke” notes that the circulation at the International Agricultural Fair and their stand is much increased in comparison to previous years.

- We are still drawing the line, but it is evident that the sales have increased one third over last year. Some buyers who could not come to the Fair, contacted us via our company call-center - Aleksandra Švonja points out.

Marko Stojanović, the Director of “Inter Agrar”, says that the government subsidies of up to five million dinars helped the sales of attachment parts, harvest combines and smaller tractors.

- Those subsidies are insufficient for purchases of tractors over 100HP – Stojanović assesses. – Due to a change in philosophy of agriculture and the production of agricultural mechanization, the date of the Fair should be reconsidered. Instead of May, it should be held at the end of fall or beginning of winter.

The “Mas Ferg Agro” company sold two harvest combines and arranged the sales of eight tractors and two JCB telehandlers.

- We are extremely pleased. There was a lot of interest in the mechanization, especially in tractors of up to 100HP, as well as the future series of tractors ,“global”, which was announced last winter at the grand mechanization presentation Massey in Paris – says Milan Mišković, Sales Manager.

Another company that is happy with this year’s presentation at the Fair is “Titan Machinery”. - We sold all the tractor models 110 JX that were in the Fair special deal, at the price of 32.000 Euros without VAT. We had good results in the sale of attachment parts as well, especially at last year’s Great Plains Agricultural Fair  - Marina Ćupurdija, Marketing Manager, assesses.