Foreigners happy with the presentation


A company from Kyrgyzstan presented at the International Agricultural Fair for the first time - “Abada Trade” from Kyzyl-Adyr near Talas River. Their main product is beans, but they also grow and dry fruit.

- Seeing as how we are already in business with the Balkan countries, we came to the International Agricultural Fair to meet our new partners – said the Director of  "Abada Trade", Kambar Maatkazijev. – During the very first days of the Fair, there was a lot of interest from many businessmen from many countries, so we have made arrangements to sign business contracts with many of them here.

The Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers "Tarmakbir" concluded that the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad is without a doubt the most important agribusiness event in Southeast Europe and that it is the right place to find partners and enter the market, primarily that of Balkan countries.
- It was not a mistake coming to this Fair as we had a series of  talks with potential clients as soon as the first few days and it seems like the deals are almost struck – says Baran Eris, Manager of Information and International Relations. – This opens the doors to not only the Serbian market, but that of Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia and other countries in the region.

"Al Dahra", a company from the United Arab Emirates had a stand at this year’s Fair for the first time.
- The purpose of our participation in the 82nd International Agricultural Fair is for "Al Dahra", which is a completely new presence on our market,  to become a recognizable brand and one that will remain here for years to come and be the backbone of further agricultural development, especially in Vojvodina - Nemanja Ćurguz, a sales representative for "Al Dahra Rudnap" says.