Great risks, scant policies


Despite the catastrophic floods of May last year, where agriculture suffered great losses as well, and the fact that between 2000 and 2012 there have been a whopping total of five droughts, agricultural insurance in Serbia has not taken off, was the conclusion of the conference "The risks of modern agriculture", organized by the General Sponsor of the 82nd International Agricultural Fair, Generali Insurance Serbia. Leonid Babić, the Director of the Regional Center of Vojvodina, shared that fact that only 10 percent of agricultural land in Serbia is insured, while this percentage in over 80 in Europe.

- The State is trying to increase the importance of insurance by subsidizing insurance premiums, passing a Law on pre-harvest financing and a Law on hail defense, all of which would free it from having to fix damages on private properties. A larger number would be mean cheaper policies – Babić assesses.

Hans Feyen, the Director of the “Swiss Re” company, Đorđe Babić, Deputy Director of the Sector for Emergency Situations, Katarina Stefanović of the Serbian National Hydrometeorological Service, Žarko Galetin, the Director of the Commodity Exchange in Novi Sad and Nemanja Beljanski, the Crop Insurance manager, all spoke on the importance of agricultural insurance against the risks of enormous damages from climate changes and ways of reducing them as much as possible.

As a company that is always improving its services, Generali Insurance Serbia took a step forward and offered the possibility of protecting production from excessive rainfall, the risks of drought, and since last year, the risks of price decline, through “Agro prihod”. This product guarantees the farmer revenue per hectare and, should the guaranteed revenue fall short, the farmer is compensated the difference between the two sums.

For the duration of the 82nd International Agricultural Fair, Generali Insurance Serbia is granting 10 to 30 percent discounts on crop, animal and farm insurances.