Italian-Serbian Agribusiness Partnership


Under the auspices of the Italian Trade Agency, ITA-ICE, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, a conference was held at the Novi Sad Fair devoted to strengthening the cooperation between the two countries – Serbia and Italy particularly that in orcharding and organic production.

“In terms of applying the most sophisticated, cutting-edge technological solutions, Italy is a wonderful example to follow“, says the Minister of Ag. Dept., Snezana Bogosavljevic Boskovic, stating that it is a remarkable fact that the Italian exports of goods and services totals €37 billion per year. She goes on to say that with such an impressive track record they [Italy] are perceived as a desirable business partner, especially in the field of food industry and agriculture since, she adds, our country has an enormous potential on its side whereas Italy has knowledge and experience.

No fewer than a hundred Italian exhibitors and vendors attended the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad in the previous years, a dozen of which will be displaying at a joint exhibition this year, says the Italian Ambassador in Serbia, Giuseppe Manzo. With such a tremendous farming potential Serbia has, I think, Manzo adds, Serbian farmers should be investing in the production of high-quality products. In order to do so, the Italian Government is making a credit line worth €30 million to small and midsized businesses including farming entrepreneurs in Serbia.

Director of the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade in Belgrade (ICE), Giovani Mafodda, said he was very pleased with the way the agricultural collaboration between his country and Serbia was being fostered and concluded the interview by saying that organic farming was gaining a nice foothold in Italy and was doing okay business-wise with the organic food sales soaring on the Italian Penninsula.

A Ph.D. proffessor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, Zoran Keserovic, sais that it was no surprise that Italy and Serbia have such a successful collaboratin. “Italy represents a story of success when it comes to fruit farming. Serbia is only trying to follow in their footsteps in terms of strong work ethics and good business practices“.

“People need to know that only if we in some measure aimed to emulate what the Italians do, would we be able to succeed. When it comes to apple or cherry seed planting, for example, farmers can make profit as much as €20,000 per hectare solely by applying the most advanced agricultural techniques“, said Keserovic. He was also glad to support the Government's Herculean efforts to promote Serbia's agribusiness, urge Serbian fruit farmers to join together,compare notes and open themselves up for agricultural innovations. He concluded his speech with words that he could see orcharding as a very sought after branch that could generate employment opportunities and a substantial amount of money in economic activities.