Microbiological fertilizer for all plants


Within the Exhibition of organic products at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair in Hall 3, “Amaks” from Novi Sad showed off their microbiological fertilizer.

According to Đorđe Došen from their stand, this is a microbiological product and a soil improver “Bacilomix specijal”. This product has a strong effect on the growth of all plants and is harmless to humans and animals. It improves the microbiological composition of soil, as well as crop quality, stability and yield, it is effective against many plant diseases as a natural fungicide and is easy to use and mix with other products.
- The bacteria come from chernozem, the highest quality domestic sol, from the vicinity of Novi Sad and are bred through a special kind of fermentation – Došen says. - After that, they are returned into the soil in higher concentration, which enriches it and improves its fertility through years of chemical treatment. This product can be used for all plants and crops, as well as forestry.
“Bacilomix specijal” improves the microbiological composition of soil and has a positive effect on germination and rooting of all crops. It contains natural phytohormones, it decreases ethylene levels in fruit cells, it contains natural antibiotics with an bactericide effect, as well as antifungal material.  It is completely ecologically safe and its application is advisable in organic production