Tipping the Scales at 1,601 kilograms – the Bovine Mammoth Is a Gentle Giant


Kokan, the bullock, the largest animal at the Cattle Show at the 83rd annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad has beefed up to the tune of 1,601 kilograms (3530lbs). Now, that’s a lot of  bull owned by Nenad Nikolic of Batocina, near Cuprija who says despite Kokan’s enormity, he is extremely good tempered “so much so that a six-year-old can handle him.“ 

The docile bullock, as meek as a lamb, who is only three weeks shy of his fourth birthday has still not been put up for sale. “He [Kokan] likes me and I like him and I wouldn’t want to break up that relationship by selling him“, says Nikolic.

“He is so dopey; he’s great, no problem at all to us. If he were available for purchase, it wouldn’t go any lower than €4,5oo. “

This is the second time for the Simmental Holstein breed to make his entrance to the Expo and he has become the conversational piece for cattlemen.

Nikolic, the owner, says Kokan already has his successor – a seventeen-month-old bullock weighing in at 900 kilograms (1985lbs).