Novi Sad Fair brings city RSD 4.6 bn profit


Novi Sad Fair is wrapping up this year having generated profit. 12 events were held in 8 different time slots, with participation of around 2,000 exhibitors and attendance of more than 250,000 visitors, which represents a 32% increase in comparison to last year. CEO Slobodan Cvetković pointed out that 176 events were held in "Master" Congress Center, and new services were introduced for exhibitors and visitors alike – unlimited wireless internet and mobile application. Compared to last year, income increased by 10%, whereas total revenues are expected to exceed RSD 544 mil. Novi Sad Fair’s profit in 2016 is RSD 43 mil.

As Cvetković went on to state, business success was achieved thanks to properly defined strategic plans and specific activities, as well as in cooperation with proactive individuals and companies. This, in turn, contributed to additional use of Fair capacities through organization of new events.

- Fairs provide added value to all those directly or indirectly involved in them, from various economic activities, to the host city itself. According to statistical data, one dinar earned by the event organizer represents up to fifteen dinars generated from various economic activities in the host city. Viewed in this vein, the City of Novi Sad generated around RSD 4.6 bn profit from events organized by Novi Sad Fair – Cvetković pointed out. In addition, he proceeded to say, both the budget of the City of Novi Sad and the budget of the Republic of Serbia saw an inflow of around RSD 150 million from various tax dues from Novi Sad Fair’s operations. Nearly every operating segment saw an increase. Thanks to the above, Novi Sad Fair was able to discharge its due obligations in 2016 in a timely manner – emphasized Cvetković. He concluded by saying that he expects a period of investments starting from March 2017, once the Fair settles the final loan installment for the construction of Master Center.