People buying sight unseen at the Livestock exhibition


Cattle breeders have much to be happy about as they sold many animals at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair.

Pig farmers were extremely active in trade, and so “Beuković” farm sold over 30 pigs, among them five large Landrace boars, fifteen pregnant sows, four Landrace gilts and four Duroc boars.

“PIK Bečej” sold ten gilts, five each of Yorkshire and F1 cross. “Aćimović” farm, which farms native pig breeds – moravska, resavska and mangulica – sold five resavska sows and two each of resavska and mangulica.

“Taurus” farm stood out in cattle sales, selling 35 Simmental heifers, and there was also great interest in Kokan, a two-and-a-half-year old bull weighing 1.280 kg. His owner, Nenad Nikolić, believes that the contacts he made at the Fair will pan out and that Kokan will find a new owner.

At the end of the Fair, shepherds were happy to report they sold all the “Île-de-France”, “Charollais” and “Texel” lambs, that is, that not only did they sell all the sheep they brought to the Fair, but also the ones in their stables back home.

All the ponies were sold the very first day of the Fair and they were one of the main attractions this year.