The Agricultural Fair – a spring board


Slobodan Cvetković, MA, General Director of the Fair in Novi Sad, had a talk with a representative from the “Jiangsu United Asia” company, Ni Liquin about the possibility of a better positioning of the Fair, as well as other domestic companies in the Far East.

 “Jiangsu United Asia” as the representative of China, Taiwan and Macau at the Fair in Novi Sad has organized the participation of about a dozen Chinese companies in this year’s International Agricultural Fair. It is their impression that Chinese exhibitors will be taking a significantly larger part in future Fairs.

- We expect our Chinese partners not only to market their goods here, but also to open the doors to our businessmen in their market back home. This is the reason we made arrangements for a meeting between our Chinese partners and the representatives of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad – said Cvetković.

The opening of markets in Japan, Ghana or Ecuador is proof that the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops can adapt to China’s demands - Jegor Miladinović, General Manager of the Institute, thinks. - In relation to China’s needs, we are a small country, so we would prefer to offer our knowledge rather than insufficient products in this cooperation – Miladinović emphasizes.