The Fair exceeded exhibitors’ expectations


The International Agricultural Fair that was held at the Fair in Novi Sad for the 82nd time was home to 1.500 exhibitors presenting goods and services from 60 countries.

The Fair showed the latest in agriculture, food and drink industry, agricultural mechanization, food industry equipment, chemical and protective products, organic food and other agribusiness goods and services.

Italy – Friend of the 82nd International Agricultural Fair, presented in the exhibition and congress segment. Companies from different areas of agriculture presented in Hall 1, and a symposium was held to show possibilities for the financing of agricultural producers. One of the largest agribusiness companies, "Al Dahra" from the United Arab Emirates, presented at the Fair for the first time, and other direct participants of the Fair include companies from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, China, Greee, Cyprus…