€20m of Agricultural Machinery to Hit the Fields After the Ag Fair


Although the agricultural machinery exhibitors and vendors at the ag fair are still doing number crunching, several members of the Business Association of Agricultural Machinery Importers and Exporters, A.M.I., Novi Sad, did a survey into agricultural mechanization sales figures.

It looks like manufacturers are rubbing their hands together with delight as farmers purchased 20 million dollars worth of agricultural mechanization which makes up a quarter of total annual sales.

Almex Company Ltd. of Pancevo reported having sold nine combines and secured deals on thirty tractors totaling three million Euros.  Titan Machinery sales reps also seem tickled pink now that as many as twenty tractors were ready to plow the field, along with a range of other farm machinery implements and attachments sold at the show for the total of €2 million. Masferg Agro machinery, Agropanonka and Agro-tech also reported selling several dozens of farming equipment at one million Euros apiece. Although agricultural machinery makers have every reason to feel satisfied with the sales figures, but the actual outcome is yet to be seen.