What is RSS?

RSS is a simple way to automatically download information from web locations which you like. Instead of visiting the sites to see the latest news or articles, you can use RSS (Really Simple Syndication). In this way, you will be immediately informed of the latest happenings and changes in the sites that interest you.
Novi Sad Fair now offers information through the RSS channel in the News in English.

How do I use RSS?

Generally speaking, you must have a program for reading news (RSS Reader). This program shows information which, by way of the RSS service, is directed to your computer from the site which you have selected.
After this, you must choose the RSS channels that you wish to receive, such as the Novi Sad Fair RSS channel.

Where can I find programs for reading news through RSS?

If you wish to view RSS information through the Web, you can choose from a large number of web-based RSS services.
Our suggestion would be Bloglines. In order to follow our content through the Bloglines service, go to www.bloglines.com and create a free account. Then click on the Add option in the My Feeds tab, type the RSS location, and click Subscribe. After doing this, you will see options for making additional changes after which you must click on Subscribe once more.
The RSS channel can be viewed through Windows programs as well. Click here to find a large number of popular programs. Many of them are free.
Before selecting a program, you must keep in mind that different programs work with different operating systems.

How can I receive the Novi Sad Fair site's RSS channel?

We recommend reading RSS through the FireFox browser. If you do not have it, you can download it from www.mozilla.org.
Simply visit any page in the News, Sports or Lifestyle sections in Serbian or the News section in English and look for the icon in the lower or upper right corner of the browser (which depends on the FireFox version which you have). Left-click on the icon and add the RSS channel into your browser’s bookmark.
If you are using another program for receiving RSS, follow the instructions in your RSS Reader and add the channels which Novi Sad Fair offers:

In english