"Sajam InfoNet" - Over 350 shows

TV show "Svi na Sajam", produced by the Novi Sad Fair, is broadcast in Novi Sad and all over Serbia.

Svi na Sajam - May 7, 2016 (in Serbian)

This fifteen-minute show is broadcast once a week or daily (during fair events), presenting the most interesting events in the exhibition and congress industry in the region. Since March 2007, the production team has produced over 350 shows, seen by the viewers in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and all over the world (via satellite).

The "Svi na Sajam" is broadcast every evening during fair events on the local NOVOSADSKA TV. Between the events, the show is broadcast on NOVOSADSKA TV and 30 more stations.


TV Sajam InfoNet
Novi Sad Fair
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Phone: +381 21 483 11 18

E-mail: pr@sajam.net