Note for negotiating rental of advertising space

All prices are without V.A.T.
Rental and design of advertising spaces is negotiated for a period of one year, from the day the application is signed.
Upon signing the application form, the Fair shall issue a pro-forma invoice for everything stipulated in the application form. The Client is obliged to make a payment of the total amount before the deadline stipulated in the pro-forma invoice.
The client is obliged to execute payment in advance not later that the beginning of works at prices stipulated for such services. Upon completion of services, the customer will be given FINAL INVOICE with all stated really acquired services and calculated taxes in accordance with regulations.
Should the client fail to execute payment for any reason until the date stipulated in the invoice, the client is obliged to pay penalty for tardiness according to applicable law.
Should the client be responsible for the breach of contract, s/he shall bear the costs of dismounting of advertisements.
By signing this application-contract, the client agrees with the general terms and conditions put forward by the Fair, which are integral part of this application-contract, and with means of payment stipulated in the application.
Once submitted, an application cannot be revoked and holds the client responsible, unless cancelled as follows:
- for advertising spaces rented for a period of one year, within 15 days from the date the application has been signed
- for other advertising spaces during fair events, until five days before the start of the fair event
All disputes which may arise shall be referred to Commercial Court in Novi Sad.