Other advertising-technical services

The exhibitors can also choose among the following:

  • Graphic design of posters, with a supporting frame, displayed at the outdoor exhibition area (1 x 2 m)(m2)
  • Graphic design and production of your company’s logo above the entrance to the exhibition hall – (at the height of over 4 m) (m2)
  • Rental of one side of a poster (1 x 2 m), design and production not included
  • Graphic design and production of company’s logo on a banner, mounting included (m2)    
  • Rental of advertising space for company’s banner or poster within the fair-site and in halls (m2)    
  • Flag (2.40 x 1.20 m) on a flagpole – across the street from the Fair in Hajduk Veljkova street (no.)    

    - on  flagpole within the fair-site (no.)    

    - on company’s flagpole over 4 metres high (no.)   

    - in the “Master” Hall (no.)    

  • Refreshing and painting – up to 4 metres high    
  • Refreshing and painting – over 4 metres high    
  • Rental of zeppelin


Integrated Marketing Communications Sector

Phone: +381 (0)21/483-11-31, 483-11-22

Fax: +381 (0)21/483-11-23

E-mail: marketing@sajam.net