Bosnia and Herzegovina – the Partner Country of the Agricultural Fair


The Agricultural Fair will be held from 13th  to 19th June, 2017, at the premises of Novi Sad Fair.

Novi Sad Fair brings city RSD 4.6 bn profit


Novi Sad Fair is wrapping up this year having generated profit. 12 events were held in 8 different time slots, with participation of around 2,000 exhibitors and attendance of more than 250,000 visitors, which represents a 32% increase in comparison to last year. CEO Slobodan Cvetković pointed out that 176 events were held in "Master" Congress Center, and new services were introduced for exhibitors and visitors alike – unlimited wireless internet and mobile application. Compared to last year, income increased by 10%, whereas total revenues are expected to exceed RSD 544 mil. Novi Sad Fair’s profit in 2016 is RSD 43 mil.

A new offer in 2017


For all its exhibitors and visitors, Novi Sad Fair is preparing 16 fairs, to be held in 12 time slots in 2017. Next year also marks two important anniversaries for our country’s oldest fair company. For half a century, Novi Sad Fair has been a place for all nature, travel, and sports enthusiasts. In addition, International Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Sports and International Fair of Tourism will be held for the 50th time in 2017.

"Master" Congress Center marks 10-year anniversary


A decade of successful work of the "Master" Congress Center was marked on Wednesday, December 21st. This was also the third Ambassadors Day organized by the Serbian Convention Bureau, a department of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia.

€20m of Agricultural Machinery to Hit the Fields After the Ag Fair


Although the agricultural machinery exhibitors and vendors at the ag fair are still doing number crunching, several members of the Business Association of Agricultural Machinery Importers and Exporters, A.M.I., Novi Sad, did a survey into agricultural mechanization sales figures.

Bringing the Supermarket of the Future to the Present


Check companies presented a joint exhibit at the 83rd annual International Agricultural Fair this year. According to Pavel Svoboda, Commercial Counselor and Head of the Commercial and Economic Section of Czech embassy in Belgrade praised the success of the ag exposition saying they were extremely happy with the attention they were getting from the attendees.

Cattle Breeders Rub Their Hands Together with Delight as Cattle Show Goes Great Guns


According to Delta Agrar Category Manager for pig production, Zoran Uzelac, all of the exhibited pigs were sold out, especially the gilts that were selling like hotcakes.

Cutting Rates on Agri Loans to Spur Sales of Machinery


Farmers and land owners looking to upgrade or modernize their machinery and equipment or in need of an inflow of ready cash just to keep themselves afloat need look no further as banks have made tie-up arrangements with various agricultural equipment dealers offering agricultural loan schemes.

Master Congress Center – Hotspot for Business Conventions


The 83rd annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad traditionally featured a series of trade conventions. Organized under the auspices of national and foreign agribusiness associations, the events summoned numerous trade experts discussing the latest innovations in the agricultural industry and developments in rural tourism.

Insurance Companies to Offer Massive Discounts for Agriculture


Generali CEE Holding Serbia, the major corporate sponsor of the 83rd annual International Agriculture Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia, seized the opportunity to promote a diverse range of loan products to cater to the specific requirements of its customers.

Brand New Hazelnut Processing Line – A Smash Hit


A brand new hazelnut processing line, designed and patented by Agrokons of Mali Idjos, has debuted at the 83rd annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.

Breaking Into the Serbian Market Through Kanjiza


At the 83rd Annual International Agricultural Fair Hungary can be found exhibiting in Hall 1. An exhaustive array of food products will be displayed over the course of seven days exclusively brought to you by the Kanjiza-based company Tisacoop.

Tipping the Scales at 1,601 kilograms – the Bovine Mammoth Is a Gentle Giant


Kokan, the bullock, the largest animal at the Cattle Show at the 83rd annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad has beefed up to the tune of 1,601 kilograms (3530lbs). Now, that’s a lot of  bull owned by Nenad Nikolic of Batocina, near Cuprija who says despite Kokan’s enormity, he is extremely good tempered “so much so that a six-year-old can handle him.“ 

Italian-Serbian Agribusiness Partnership


Under the auspices of the Italian Trade Agency, ITA-ICE, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, a conference was held at the Novi Sad Fair devoted to strengthening the cooperation between the two countries – Serbia and Italy particularly that in orcharding and organic production.

The 83rd Annual International Agricultural Fair opens its doors


The President of the Republic of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, ceremoniously opened the 83rd Annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad yesterday. He pointed out that the national projects concerning the agricultural industry had already been set in motion with a single aim – to put the country on the fast track in terms of development.

International energy and investment days


The exhibition year, at Novi Sad Fair will start with International days of energy and investments, which will be held on Thursday, 10 March and Friday, 11 March.

Agriculture Fair – a Great International Event


The most significant event of the Novi Sad Fair and the largest agribusiness event in this part of Europe – International Agricultural Fair, to be held from 14 to 20 May, will promote products and services from more than 60 countries worldwide.

Digital Innovations


Following the trends, the Novi Sad Fair has improved its services. From this year, exhibitors and visitors have free WI-FI and a mobile application within the Novi Sad Fair for all events.

2016 Agricultural Fair, May 14-20


The International Agricultural Fair will be held at Novi Sad Fair for the 83rd time from Saturday, May 14 to Friday, May 20 2016 and the partner country will be Italy.

Italy to be next year’s partner


Over the course of seven days, the 82nd International Agricultural Fair was visited by dozens of official business and political delegations. Slobodan Cvetković, MA, General Director of the Fair in Novi Sad, was host to representatives of the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, with whom it was arranged to have Italy be next year’s partner of the Fair.

Even the pickiest left satisfied with mechanization exhibition


“Majevica” from Bačka Palanka presented their entire assortment at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair and sold at least one item from every segment of their program. Almost the whole of sales was done on credit and, all things considered, they are satisfied – said Miloš Mlađenić, a sales specialist at “Majevica”.

People buying sight unseen at the Livestock exhibition


Cattle breeders have much to be happy about as they sold many animals at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair.

Foreigners happy with the presentation


A company from Kyrgyzstan presented at the International Agricultural Fair for the first time - “Abada Trade” from Kyzyl-Adyr near Talas River. Their main product is beans, but they also grow and dry fruit.

The Fair exceeded exhibitors’ expectations


The International Agricultural Fair that was held at the Fair in Novi Sad for the 82nd time was home to 1.500 exhibitors presenting goods and services from 60 countries.

A place where supply and demand, science and practice meet


The Central European Fair Alliance – CEFA Chief Secretary Janoš Barabaš and the Director of the Adriatic Fair Rajko Bujković visited the Fair in Novi Sad and the 82nd International Agricultural Fair yesterday.

Spanish agriculture days


Spanish Embassy’s Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs and the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade organized Spanish agriculture days at this year’s Agricultural Fair in Serbia.

Microbiological fertilizer for all plants


Within the Exhibition of organic products at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair in Hall 3, “Amaks” from Novi Sad showed off their microbiological fertilizer.

B2B@NS Fair business meetings


With this B2B@NS Fair project, carried out with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the University of Novi Sad, the Fair is leaving behind a strictly exhibitory framework the purpose of which is presenting exhibits and technological achievements to the general public – said Slobodan Cvetković, MA, General Director of the Fair in Novi Sad on the occasion of the AgroB2B@NSFair business conference opening at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair.

Great risks, scant policies


Despite the catastrophic floods of May last year, where agriculture suffered great losses as well, and the fact that between 2000 and 2012 there have been a whopping total of five droughts, agricultural insurance in Serbia has not taken off, was the conclusion of the conference "The risks of modern agriculture", organized by the General Sponsor of the 82nd International Agricultural Fair, Generali Insurance Serbia. Leonid Babić, the Director of the Regional Center of Vojvodina, shared that fact that only 10 percent of agricultural land in Serbia is insured, while this percentage in over 80 in Europe.

The Agricultural Fair – a spring board


Slobodan Cvetković, MA, General Director of the Fair in Novi Sad, had a talk with a representative from the “Jiangsu United Asia” company, Ni Liquin about the possibility of a better positioning of the Fair, as well as other domestic companies in the Far East.

Beans for the whole world


This year at the International Agricultural Fair, there is a company from Kyrgyzstan for the first time ever. It is "Abada Trade" from Kyzyl-Adyl in the Talas River valley. Their main product is beans, but they also grow and dry fruit.

The all-weather combine is the most expensive


The attribute of the most expensive machine at the 82nd International Agricultural Fair went to the sugar beet harvester combine, manufactured by Holmer, the price of which is set at around 500.000 Euros, without VAT. It is the model “tera dos T3” which is, in spite of its price, a very popular item among sugar beet producers, Borislav Stanivuković, the "Almex" Marketing Manager assures.

Agriculture is Serbia’s most important resource


As he opened the 82nd International Agricultural Fair, Dušan Vujović, the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, said that agriculture is our country’s most important resource.