27th International Exhibition of Art ART EXPO

About the Fair

7th - 13th March 2023

Novi Sad Fair


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The international art exhibition ART EXPO will be held from March 7 to 13 in 2023, when the Novi Sad Fair celebrates its century of existence. It promotes the creators of applied art, and brings together artists, galleries, and individuals, along with thematic exhibitions, handicrafts, and antiques. Academic, educated, and self-taught painters will have the opportunity to present themselves, and it is specific for its sales and promotional nature. For exceptional achievements in fine arts, the Novi Sad Fair awards the "Sava Šumanović" Award for stimulating and effective contribution to the development of artistic ideas on our stage.

During the same period, the International BOOK FAIR will be held, while on March 9 and 10, the 18th International Education Fair PUTOKAZI will be held.

AE 2022 Aula 1 7122022 440X293 AE 2022 Aula 7122022 440X293 

Main features of the ART EXPO

  • Thematic exhibitions
  • Authors
  • Gallerists
  • Art colonies
  • Promotion and sale of artistic handicrafts
  • Sale of antiques
  • "Sava Šumanović" award for achievements in fine arts

AE 2022 Aula 3 7122022 440X293 AE 2022 Aula 4 7122022 440X293


Art Exhibition ART EXPO in 2022

One of the characteristics of this year's ART EXPO has been the exhibition “Sequences from the 20th Century Art in Vojvodina”, which has presented the works of authors from Novi Sad - Jovan Soldatović, Jožef Ač, and Boško Petrović. The achievements of three artists belong to the treasury of painting and sculpture of Vojvodina, and we would like to remind you that the visual identity, the symbol of the oldest fair house in Serbia, the sculpture "Rearing" is the work of Jovan Soldatović.

AE 2022 Izlozba Sekvence 7122022 440X293 AE 2022 Izlozba Sekvence 1 7122022

During this Exhibition, the ceremony for the "Sava Šumanović" Award, which has been given since 1999 for achievements in the fine arts is organised in the Aula of the Novi Sad Fair. This year’s laureate is the multimedia artist from Novi Sad, Stevan Kojić.

AE 2022 Nagrada Sava S Urucenje 7122022 440X293 AE 2022 Nagrada Sava S Stevan Kojic 7122022 440X293

Within the Exhibition ART EXPO, the exhibition "A Letter to Njegoš – 175 years of the Mountain Wreath" has attracted a lot of attention. The collection consists of 130 editions of different manuscripts and translations owned by the collector Nikola Škok from Peroj. An interesting thing at the exhibition is a copy of "The Mountain Wreath" printed in the Japanese language. The organisers of the exhibition are the Association of Montenegrins of Novi Sad, the Montenegrin Cultural Centre, and the Directorate for Cooperation with Diaspora and Expatriates of the Government of Montenegro.

AE 2022 Izlozba Njegos 7122022 880X349

This year, the same as before, the Exhibition ART EXPO has gathered artists - academic, educated, and self-taught painters and admirers of art and it has also been of a promotional and sales character.



The Book Fair, the Exhibition of Art ART EXPO. and the Fair of Education PUTOKAZI have been seen by 35,000 visitors. There have been 180 exhibitors from seven countries - Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Canada, and Iran. More than 150 programmes (50% more than in 2020) have been organised and several dozens of authors have been presented. Several anniversaries have been held, current topics have been discussed, several thematic exhibitions have been prepared, as well as exhibitions at the exhibitors' stands and more than 500 educational profiles have been promoted. And, for the first time, all state colleges and universities from Vojvodina participated.

It has also been talked about the continuation of education abroad. Tens of thousands of titles have been sold. During eight days, thematic exhibitions and many artists have turned the Aula into a gallery. The Novi Sad Fair has awarded about 400 titles to visitors in the Prize Game. The Radio and Television of Vojvodina have been informing the audience about events at the Fair in half-hour chronicles during the eight days.


For all events, from the 3rd to the 13th March, the Novi Sad Fair has been assisted by partners and friends. The importance of holding the BOOK FAIR, the Exhibition of Art, and the Fair of Education has been recognised not only by the  Foundation "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture", but also by the:

  • Ministry of Culture and Information
  • Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development
  • Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information, and Relations with Religious Communities
  • Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research
  • Provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities - National Communities
  • City of Novi Sad
  • City Administration for Education
  • City Administration for Culture
  • Radio and Television of Vojvodina
  • "Globos" insurance
  • Company "Diamant"



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