91st International Agricultural Fair

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18th - 23rd May 2024

Indoor and outdoor space of the Novi Sad Fair, Congress Center "Master"


EU - Partner of the Agricultural Fair

General sponsor - Globos osiguranje

Gold Sponsor - Al Dahra

Partner bank - Bank Poštanska štedionica

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Working hours: From 9 am to 7 pm


The most important agribusiness event in the Region in 2024 will be a day shorter and will last from Saturday, May 18th to Thursday, May 23rd.

The Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad has been attracting individuals, business, business, and political delegations for more than nine decades and creates a creative environment for new ventures.

The year 2023 was extremely significant for the Novi Sad Fair - it marked 100 years of existence and organized the 90th International Agricultural Fair, an event that has recently been labeled the Best of Vojvodina. Entering the second century of existence will not bring changes - the Novi Sad Fair will continue to be a place where you gain an advantage! It will once again bring together all significant actors of agribusiness and representatives of economic branches that rely on agriculture, from Serbia and the world.

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At the Novi Sad Fair, the latest technical and technological achievements in agriculture, the application of science in agriculture, exhibitions of organic food, as well as those with designations of geographical origin, the richness of the domestic gene pool, the most modern agricultural machinery, products, and services from the most remote corners of the world are simultaneously presented.

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At the same time, the most current topics in the field of agriculture are discussed through expert meetings, round tables, education, and presentations, with a special focus on improving knowledge and examples of good practice. Business gatherings include meetings with economic, scientific, and political delegations, as well as direct meetings of businessmen from all over the world.

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With its modern concept, the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair encourages interstate and economic cooperation and integrates the improvement of knowledge, production, and the development of science. In addition, it promotes the importance of innovation and represents a synthesis of experience and achievements in Serbian agriculture, it is a strong support for the economy of Serbia, and its contribution and importance are measured by the success of the exhibitors that they achieve under the roof of the Novi Sad Fair.

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The event featured more than 1,100 exhibitors from 26 countries and 14 collective exhibitions. Apart from traditional ones, there were some new segments. The Agricultural Fair was visited by 125,000 visitors.

90th International Agricultural Fair in numbers

  • Outdoor exhibition area: 47,000 m2
  • Indoor exhibition area: 11,000 m2
  • Number of exhibitors: over 1,100
  • Direct exhibitors from Serbia and 25 other countries: Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Belarus, Belgium, Turkey, China, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Angola, Poland, Holland, Montenegro, Russia, France and Indonesia
  • 14 collective exhibitions: Italy, Spain, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, Holland, Poland, Montenegro, Angola, Romania, Belarus and Russia
  • Livestock Exhibition: 5,000 m2
  • Around 850 live exhibits at the Livestock Exhibition and the Exhibition of Genetic Potential
  • Product and service quality appraisal in 30 commodity groups
  • 31 exhibitors at the Exhibition of Organic Produce, Products with Protected Designation of Origin, and “Serbian Quality” presented their offer, accompanied by 12 craft breweries, and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
  • The humanitarian campaign “Humane and Sweet” collected RSD 946,470
  • 90 exhibits at the exhibition “Wheat – from the Field to the Dining Table”
  • Number of registered visitors at the entrances: 125,000

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The Exhibition of Agricultural Mechanization showcased the latest agricultural mechanization, accessories, and equipment, including numerous novelties that were presented to the visitors to the Fair. Apart from the Professional Association of Importers and Exporters of Agricultural Mechanization, which participated with 19 members, the Fair also attracted other companies from Serbia, as well as from Italy, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Bulgaria. The exhibition also featured novelties, such as tractors, sprayers, planters, seeders, navigation, irrigation equipment, and new-generation accessories. The list of exhibits also included a tractor for orchards and vineyards, a combined machine for soil cultivation in one go, a premier wheat crawler harvester, a robot for orchards and vineyards, a tractor with two crawlers, a plant chopper, a header, and adapter trailer… Despite the difficult economic situation, the exhibitors offered various favorable conditions for purchase, such as a EUR 500-3,000 discount, a discount of 8%... The exhibitors also pointed out that they had not increased the prices since the start of the year, which was another benefit for the buyers...


The National Livestock Exhibition, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, featured around 850 “live exhibits” from the national genetic pool.
The Day of Livestock Breeders was held on Thursday, 25th May at the Manege of the Novi Sad Fair, where awards and recognition were given to the most successful breeders.
A parade of the laureates was also organized. The exhibitors pointed out that the Agricultural Fair is an opportunity not only to sell but also to present the best we have in terms of livestock as well as to exchange experiences.
14 heifers were sold during the Fair for between EUR 1,000 and 3,500, 30 rams for EUR 200-800, as well as six goat kids for EUR 150-200 each. Some breeders negotiated deals with prospective buyers during the event and they should be finalized after the Fair.

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Exhibitions with added value – the Exhibition of Organic Produce, the Exhibition of Products with Protected Designation of Origin, and “Serbian Quality” featured 31 exhibitors, while 12 craft breweries also presented their products.
The exhibitions were supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management.
The presented products all contained added values, which means they do not only meet safety and quality standards but some other criteria, which makes them eligible for PDO or “Serbian Quality” labels.
The visitors could gain insight into the offer of national organic products and receive information regarding this type of agricultural production. 

  • City of Novi Sad – all those interested in the activities conducted by the City Council’s Department of Economy, especially those related to agriculture and support provided by the city, could visit the stand of the City of Novi Sad.
  • There were presentations of organic producers, as well as producers of products with protected designation of origin. For the first time, there were winemakers from Novi Sad, as well as small farms dealing with processing.
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The Provincial Government and Secretariats are traditional exhibitors at the Agricultural Fair. The Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism organized an exhibition at their pavilion in the “Master” Hall. During the seven days of the event, there were promotions of women entrepreneurs and traditional crafts, small entrepreneurs, and those awarded the “Best of Vojvodina” label. The secretariat also organized the Day of Roma Entrepreneurship, the Day of LAG, and the Day of Wine… The Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry had a stand in the “Master” Hall, where the Association of Young Farmers organized the Conference for Young Farmers. The secretariat organized the work of professional agricultural services in Hall 23. 

Professional and business meetings were mainly organized at the “Master” Congress Centre of the Novi Sad Fair, as well as the exhibition stands. Between the 20th and 26th of May, there were around 40 events, including the Day of Fruit Growers and Winegrowers, the Day of Suppliers, the Day of Livestock Breeders, the Evening of Champions…
A large number of visitors once again confirmed their interest in and need for establishing new contacts, and educational, promotional, professional, and scientific events in the field of agriculture.

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Product and Service Quality Appraisal, organized before and during the event, encompassed 30 commodity groups. The appraisal committees comprising university professors and scientists appraised the quality of food products, livestock, processing, and agricultural equipment, as well as design, as an important element in the success of a product or service. The Evening of Champions was held at the “Master” Congress Centre on Thursday, 25th May, when the Best in Agribusiness awards were given out. The title of the Supreme Quality Leader at the 90th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad was awarded to the INSTITUTE OF FIELD AND VEGETABLE CROPS, Novi Sad and VIVA COMPANY, Banja Luka, the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, for achieving the highest quality standards.


The humanitarian campaign “Humane and Sweet” – Three different and important jubilees - 100 years of the Novi Sad Fair, 70 years of the “Stamevski” family business, producing handmade sweets, and 20 years of the NURDOR Association - united those celebrating those jubilees, who joined forced to organize this campaign.
Each day of the Fair, the visitors exiting the Entrance Hall of the Novi Sad Fair were treated to a piece of a 10-meter-long cake produced by “Stamevski”. In return, the visitors were leaving donations which were collected to build the sixth family house in Belgrade. The campaign saw RSD 946,470 collected.

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The “Wheat – from the Field to the Dining Table” Exhibition – The Novi Sad Fair and the Museum of Vojvodina organized an exhibition in Hall 6, featuring 90 exhibits, which showed how wheat used to be grown in Vojvodina from the beginning of agricultural production here to the mid-20th century. The exhibition was segmented, just like the process of wheat growing – from preparation to use in nutrition. There were models of agricultural machines and demonstrations of former practices, from soil preparation, sowing, harvesting, cleaning and sorting, transport, storing, grinding, and use. During the event, there were several creative and educational workshops aimed at primary school children: “From Wheat to Flour”, “Museum Details on my T-shirt”, “One bad apple can spoil the Barrel”, and “Do you know what ‘pitos’ is?”. There was also a program called “Dining Table with Wheat Products”, featuring cooking and tasting products from the archaeobotanical garden of the Museum of Vojvodina. The response was excellent, exceeding all expectations. The exhibition was visited by children from many kindergartens and primary schools. Their impressions are best reflected in the comments they left in the guest book of the Museum of Vojvodina: “Magical tastes from magical times”, “A reminder of childhood…”, “So far, the most beautiful stand at the Novi Sad Fair… These are just some of the comments left by visitors from many cities in Serbia, as well as those from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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 MPS 2023 za 2024 Bio basta 1 440 5122023 Urban Farmhouse – How to do gardening, grow medicinal herbs and spices, vegetables, and flowers, how to cultivate the environment, and contribute to a better quality of living in an urban area? Those were questions that were answered at the outdoor exhibition space next to Hall 24. The Urban Farmhouse was an opportunity for young, as well as all other visitors to learn about applied science in agriculture and have fun at workshops on flower arranging and growing plants from cuttings. There were 15 workshops in total and children were the most delighted participants. The project was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, the City Council’s Department of Economy, the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, and the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad.


  • Raffle for visitors
  • Family Day
  • Evening of Champions

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At the Manege:

  • Public appraisal of cattle
  • Public appraisal of horses
  • Public appraisal of sheep
  • “Novi Sad Fair Cup” Showjumping Tournament
  • Day of Livestock Breeders
  • Award Ceremony and parade of laureates
  • Fiacre Festival...

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According to the records of the Novi Sad Fair, the organized visits were popular among members of cooperatives, farmers, livestock breeders, producers, members of associations of agricultural producers, pupils, students, employees from companies dealing with agriculture and related fields from all over Serbia, but also from the region and the European Union.

The International Agricultural Fair was visited by farmers from Gračanica and Priština, more than 130 students from Lešak, businesspeople and farmers from the municipality of Leposavić, as well as a group from Kosovo Polje.

Delegations of businesspeople, scientists, and politicians arrived from Serbia, Argentina, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey…

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  • Partner Country - Italy
  • General Sponsor – Globos osiguranje
  • Partner Bank – Banka Poštanska štedionica
  • Golden Sponsor – Al Dahra
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia
  • Provincial Government and secretariats
  • City of Novi Sad
  • Sponsors of the Raffle for visitors - Agropanonka, MBV and KITE DOO
  • Sponsor of the jubilees - Telekom Srbija



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