We have a two months ahead of us until the 86th International Agricultural Fair. Considering the received applications, the interest of the previous exhibitors, the number of new ones, and the area that has been leased so far, it is expected that this year's Agricultural Fair will exceed the previous one, by volume and by contents.

International Fair of Hunting and Fishing, International Fair of Tourism, Sports Fair and the Fair of Ecology, i.e. International Fairs “Lorist”, one of the most beautiful and attractive venues that are organized in this region, has been seen by 30,000 visitors. The number of those who have been at Novi Sad’s Fair during the last five days is the same as the previous year, although the fairs lasted one day longer then. 

The true feast for nature enthusiasts and those who take care of it was the Fair of Hunting and Fishing. There were all of those who manage forests and hunting areas in Serbia. In the Hall 1 there was a mutual presentation of national parks of Serbia – Djerdap, Tara, Kopaonik and Fruska Gora, reinforced by national parks of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kozara and Una.

Bringing over 15 tour-operators from a dozen of countries to Novi Sad’s Fair within “Hosted Buyer Programme” and holding meeting with the exhibitors is, according to the participants, the most significant segment of this year’s Fair of Tourism in Novi Sad. The program was conducted with the support of Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and in cooperation with a German agency “Evintra”.

Promotion of sports in schools at the Fair of Sports this year moved boundaries considering the fact that there were around 700 kids, future athletes, every day at the open courts and in halls of Novi Sad’s Fair. The Fair was also visited by 600 pupils of elementary schools from Novi Sad.

The Fair of Ecology was a huge classroom this year, where workshops and educational presentations were held in order to raise awareness about the significance of environment both at children and adults.

Novi Sad Fair looks forward to welcoming its exhibitors and prospects to the 51st International Tourism Fair. We invite you to join the excitement at the Novi Sad Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia, October 4-7. It will be your best face-to-face marketing opportunity this year. Also, Hunting, Fishing, Ecology and Sports Shows will take place at the same time.

We are undertaking concerted efforts for success as we prepare to host the 51st Annual International LORIST Fairs, which are to be held October 4-7 at Novi Sad Fair, Novi Sad, Serbia. Hunting, Fishing, Tourism, Ecology and Sports are all integral parts of the Fair, and this year, it is designed to be the hotspot for industry professionals.

For years, Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair (IAF) has been sponsoring the Best Technological Innovation Contest and supporting agricultural entrepreneurs in shaping the future of agriculture. At the IAF Hall 3, Milan Ugljanin’s innovative new irrigation systems have received a lot of attention at the Best Technological Innovation Contest (BTIC) stall.

Over 120 participants signed up for AgroB2B meetings at 85th Annual International Agricultural Fair organized by Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Novi Sad Business Incubator and the Development Agency of Serbia. According to Marko Kovacevic, Head of the EU Integration Centre in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, such a good turnout speaks to the fact companies realize the benefits these gatherings might have to their businesses.

The National People’s Congress of China delegation’s three-day visit to Serbia was wrapped up by attending the 85th Annual International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. Novi Sad Fair CEO Slobodan Cvetković was quite appreciative of a great deal of effort the Serbian National Assembly had put in to making this possible.