The International Agricultural Fair on the Internet is organised with the aim to enable exhibitors to present their products and services, to find new partners and to make the sale, that is, to achieve their desired business results.

We are informing you that we are carefully monitoring the developments of the current situation, measures and recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Serbia regarding the global pandemic of Coronavirus Covid-19. 

The Sports Expo, the third in a row, was opened yesterday at the Novi Sad Fair, within the International Fairs “Lorist”. According to the Mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic, the key message of this event is the importance of proper growing up and development through sports.

Cycling tourism and spa tourism are the biggest potentials of Vojvodina and Serbia, the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic said opening the 52nd International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad.

Within the International Fairs “Lorist” that gathered 500 exhibitors from 20 countries, the 52nd International Hunting and Fishing Fair and the 27th International Ecology Fair were opened at the Novi Sad Fair. The Partner Country of Lorist is Hungary and the event was opened by Istvan Pastor, the chairman of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

International Fair of Tourism, taking place within International “Lorist” Fairs, will be held from 3rd to 5th October, at Novi Sad Fair. In order to provide exhibitors with the best possible results regarding their exhibits, find new partners, expand their businesses and position their services on foreign markets, Novi Sad Fair will organise B2B meetings on Thursday (3rd) and Friday (4th) October.

Although it is too early to summarize the concrete sales results during the Fair, according to the preliminary data of the Business Association of Importers and Exporters of Agricultural Machinery members, the value of the contracts and created offers for the sale of agricultural machines will amount to about EUR 20 million, which represents one fifth of the annual turnover in the agricultural machinery market.

Prime Tech company’s mulcher for land clearing, exposed at the stand of Novi Sad’s company named VGP, is the most expensive exhibit at the 86th International Agricultural Fair. It costs €497,000 without VAT and VGP believes that after two recent presentations, in spite of its price, they will find a buyer.

And they have the answer why.

“Due to special attachments, its application is wide and equally efficient in clearing of forest, agricultural or extremely rocky terrains. There are no obstacles for it,” the commercialist in VGP, Petar Severdija explained. 

This self-propelled mulcher weighs 29 tons, and only the attachment for land clearing weighs six tons. It is powered by a 475 hp engine.

The International Agricultural Fair is the largest event in the field of agriculture in Southeast Europe and the most important manufacturers from this sector of the economy exhibit on it, whose offer  arouses a great interest of agriculturers, but also of many others who rely on the agrarian sector.

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