Students and teachers from the Secondary Boarding School of Agriculture Priština - Lešak, accompanied by farmers from the Leposavić municipality visited the 90th International Agricultural Fair yesterday in order to see all the novelties in the field of agriculture. This field trip was organised upon the initiative of the school and it was supported by the Office for Kosovo and Metohija and the Novi Sad Fair.

- The Office pays special attention to agriculture and provides subsidies to farmers in Kosovo and Metohija to help them work and live off their work, said the deputy director of the Office Veselin Kočanović. – We are particularly careful to give advantage to those aged 18-40, but also to support women entrepreneurs, so that we could create the conditions for the young people to stay in Kosovo and Metohija.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Serbia Tomaš Kuchta and Czech Republic agro-economic diplomat Vladimir Vana visited the 90th International Agricultural Fair and the collective exhibition of companies from the Czech Republic. The guests were informed about the event, the varied program and the exhibition by the General Manager of the Novi Sad Fair Slobodan Cvetković.

A comparative overview of the agro-digitalization process between Serbia and Hungary as well as of the trading cooperation between the two countries, facilitated by Hungarian know-how and transfer of technology in this field, was the topic of the “Agro-digitalization 2023” conference, organized by the Novi Sad and Subotica branch offices of CED – Central European Economic Development Network.

Sensors for measuring soil humidity and temperature, use of drones, lasers and UV rays for detection of plant illnesses, robotized agricultural mechanisation with navigation and meteorological stations, robotized mobile laboratories, mobile phone and desktop apps are just some of the solutions helping farmers on large and small parcels, it was said at the seminar on new technologies in Serbian and Italian agriculture, organized by the Italian agency for foreign trade ITA/ICE.

Three different and important jubilees, 100 years of the Novi Sad Fair, 70 years of the “Stamevski” family company and 20 years of NURDOR, have united those celebrating these jubilees in organizing a unique, humane and sweet campaign “Humane and Sweet”.

- Agriculture is among the priorities of the Serbian government, which means that we want to use sensible, peaceful dialogue in every possible way to solve the issues we are experiencing in this field, said the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Jelena Tanasković at the opening ceremony of the International Agricultural Fair.

– Srbija mnogo ulaže u kvalitet i bezbednost hrane pri čemu je posebno dragocena saradnja sa Italijom – rekla je ministarka poljoprivrede, šumarstva i vodoprivrede Srbije Jelena Tanasković na jučerašnjem skupu „Agrobiznis bez granica“ koji su organizovali Banka Intesa i Italijanska agencija za spoljnu trgovinu ITA/ICE.

The Ministers of Economic Development and Tourism of Montenegro, Goran Đurović, the Minister of Tourism and Youth of Serbia, Husein Memić, the Provincial Secretary of Economy and Tourism, Nenad Ivanišević, the Mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić and the General Manager of the Novi Sad Fair, Slobodan Cvetković declared open the 53rd International Fair of Tourism at the Novi Sad Fair.

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