Robi, Jablan, Baron and Mango – the Hot Shots of the Fair

Amongst the biggest attractions at the 91st International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad are the capital cattle specimens. They have been on display from day one of the Fair and have caught the eye of every visitor, especially the younger crowd.

The stars of the show are two stalled Simmental bulls – Robi weighing 1.620 kg and Jablan weighing 1.600 kg.

– Robert, or Robi, is the heaviest bull we have ever had - said David Takač, son of Dejan, owner of the “Takač” Farm from Pačir. - We feed him well. We use ensilage and concentrate and no matter how much food he gets, he eats it all and probably could eat even more. He is up for sale. We have already received an offer of 5000 €, but we are still negotiating. The highest bidder gets Robi.   

Unlike Robi, the bull Jablan, from the Agricultural holding “Braća Jeremić” from Salaš Crnobarski, is staying with his owners.

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– We have always displayed capital bull specimens at the Fair. Like the renowned Mališa. Jablan is very much like him, I think they even have the same lineage. Then there was Veliša, and now we have Jablan and Beliša, who weighs 1.380 kg - said Radenko Jeremić. - We came with these two bulls to the Fair to boast, as we have been doing every year for the last decade.

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The novelty of the 91st International Agricultural Fair are brothers Baron, 900 kg and Mango, 920 kg, Belgian coldblood horses, more familiar as the Belgian Draft horse.

– Both horses come from a champion lineage. They have excellent genetics. After I had them purchased in Belgium, I imported them in Serbia. I have always wanted to own a breed that is large, strong, heavy and calm, and that is exactly what they are - said the owner of the Stable “Belgijska potkovica” Nikola Đošović from Gračac, who is an IT engineer by profession. - Both horses eat well, up to 10 kg of oats daily. Hay, they eat in limitless amounts. They spend their days grazing; we have 6000 ha of pasture. If the right opportunity comes along, I will sell them. But not to anyone. These horses mean a lot to me and one of the main conditions for the potential buyers is not to have them compete in a heavyweight horse pull show. If I sell them, I want them to go to someone who will take good care of them.

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