91st international agricultural fair opening ceremony

-              The International Agricultural Fair is a strong support for the economy of Serbia. With its modern concept, it has a firm support of the Serbian Government.  - said The Prime Minister of Serbia Miloš Vučević, during the opening ceremony of the 91st International Agricultural Fair.

The Partner of the 91st International Agricultural Fair is the European Union, and that is a grand opportunity to show what benefits the EU could bring to our citizens and what could make their life more prosperous.

-              I trust the European Commission is also willing to make positive steps towards Serbia, in terms of effective administration and bureaucracy, towards achieving good things. And that is the best way to promote the EU and its values in Serbia. - added Vučević.

He also referred to agriculture as deeply rooted in Serbia’s economy and noted that when talking about agriculture, we are also talking about safety.

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-              We hope to be successful, above all else, we hope to improve the state of our farmers. The conditions will never be ideal, but we have managed a lot, especially when it comes to agricultural funding, which is significantly larger than the funding before 2012. - said Vučević.

The Prime Minister then addressed the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, asking him to understand the delicacy of the funding matter for Serbian farmers, especially during the EU integration process, for them to be more competitive in the European, and world market. Mr Vučević also added that agriculture is not only about domes and machinery but also about the people and the energy.

-              People with thriving business energy, who know what is best for crops, sowing and larger produce, who know what is needed for cows to give more milk, for meat to have better quality, those people are the foundation of the agricultural fair. - Vučević pointed out.

-              I am very pleased with my visit to Serbia, a close neighbour and a significant partner to the European Union. - said the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski. Besides our important trade relations in agriculture and the dietary industry, the EU supports Serbian farmers in terms of promoting productivity, sustainability and innovations through IPARD and other measures. During the meeting with Prime Minister Miloš Vučević, Minister Aleksandar Martinović and Minister Tanja Miščević, we talked about our partnership and how together, we can build a stronger future in the agricultural and dietary area. One of the highlights of my visit to the Novi Sad Fair is the opportunity to learn more about the food and beverages in Serbia, and the opportunity to promote a wide range of quality EU products. - added Wojciechowski.

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The President of the Government of Vojvodina Maja Gojković pointed out that the development of agricultural production is one of the top priorities for the Government of Vojvodina.

-              Our investment in the agricultural area over the last eight years has been 18 billion Serbian dinars. Out of which 10 billion has been directed towards individual farms, as opposed to the previous agricultural budget, just ten years ago, which was 50% less. - said Gojković.

-              A series of competitive measures have been taken towards our farmers, with emphasis on women farmers and young people who wish to stay in rural areas and engage in food production. For the support of young farmers, the Government of Vojvodina has invested a billion and 120 million Serbian dinars. As of 2016, the Government of Vojvodina has been directing funds to various programs of support for different agricultural policies, and as of this year, those funds have been raised significantly and today sum up to more than a billion Serbian dinars.  For the procurement of mechanization, equipment, and irrigational systems, a total of three billion Serbian dinars has been granted. More than two billion dinars have been invested into modern anti-hail systems and also, and we have taken important measures to revive cattle produce. We have almost no agricultural area that has not been firmly supported by the Government. - Gojković stated.

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The place where people, tradition and future meet

-              For me as a native, born in Novi Sad, the International Agricultural Fair brings up memories of childhood, a place where people, tradition and the future can meet. - said the Mayor of Novi Sad Milan Đurić. - The Novi Sad Fair has a hundred-year-old tradition and there is no greater fair event in the region than this one, which is, beyond doubt, a brand for itself. The importance of the Novi Sad Fair and the Agricultural Fair is huge, both for the city’s history and economy and for the whole country. It is a calling for us to remember everyone who has ever been a part of it in the past and a calling for us to engage today, through community, the city, and the state, to serve, to build and to make Novi Sad Fair and the city of Novi Sad stronger. 

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The Fair as a main protagonist in promoting agricultural excellence

-              This year, there are more than 1200 exhibitors from over 40 countries, which is an increase of 10% since last year, and given that the year has been challenging so far, I am proud of this achievement. - said the General Director of the Novi Sad Fair Nikola Lovrić. - In the days to come the International Agricultural Fair will be the epicenter of agribusiness, and thanks to our Partner the European Union, a major step forward has been made for all participating in the agricultural business in Serbia. The Fair’s main role is to be the key factor in promoting, and innovating, international cooperation and to simply be good hosts, which we have, surely, succeeded. - 

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