Supplier Day – Agrobusiness 2024 And B2B Meetings

Supplier Day – Agrobusiness 2024 is being held for the 7th time and this year it has more than 80 participants. This unique event, hosted by the Vojvodina Development Agency and the Novi Sad Fair, has presented the visitors with the opportunity to look back at the significant changes in the market and to discuss the perspectives and possibilities of the dietary industry in light of current challenges.

Over 80 participants, significantly more than last year. - said the General Director of the Novi Sad Fair Nikola Lovrić. - We have participants from Hungary, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Romania, Serbia, etc. I am certain that the panel discussion is going to contribute to gathering more valuable information about product supply and the implementation of innovations and new technology in the production of food.

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How the dietary industry can adapt to new technologies and the development of its produce to become more flexible and sustainable in the future – was the main topic of the discussion. The present audience had the chance to hear about the experience of companies like Nestle Adriatic S, Delhaize, Mercator - S, Univerexport, and to find out what are the requirements to enter their chain of food supply.

I see this as an opportunity to connect our farmers and other dietary producers with large food supply chains so that their produce can reach consumers regionally and globally. - said the Director of Vojvodina Development Agency Darko Bulješević. - At the previous Supplier Day, we only had 14 signed contracts, this year we are expecting far better results.

There have been talks about regenerative agriculture, innovations, new trends, and digitalization, all directed towards the development of the supply chain. 

Supplier Day this year is very different from the previous ones, said the FDI Advisor of the Vojvodina Development Agency Sanda Emini.

The B2B meetings have connected small and medium holdings, farmers, and various agricultural collectives with big buyers – domestic, regional and foreign, and this year the focus is on chains of supply. - explained Sanda Emini. - We have managed to display everything there is about the chains of supply: knowledge and skill needed for the market entrance to be good and for the business to expand, the provision of necessary resources to convert to regenerative agriculture, which is what the future holds for agriculture.



During this year’s Supplier Day, the number of B2B meetings with domestic and foreign participants surpassed last year’s number. These talks are reserved for the discussion about the complete chain of supply in the dietary industry, from agricultural holdings and farms to the processing industry and local suppliers.

Most of the companies participating are from Serbia, some are from Bosnia and Hercegovina, one of the participants was METRO AG as well as CG Foods from Nepal. - said Sanda Emini.

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The goal is to connect foreign companies who are already present in the domestic market with our suppliers. The Coronavirus pandemic has shown just how challenging logistics and transport can be, which is why developing the local economy, our production and logistics are of utmost importance. It is a huge opportunity for our manufacturers. Every major company has certain regulations and procedures that need to be followed – certificates, standards, etc. Our companies must comply, and the State will support them in that process.


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