European dining tables are the future of Serbian food

Without the use of innovative technologies in agriculture, there is no progress – it was indicated yesterday the seminar on "Innovative Technologies in Agriculture" organized by the Italian Foreign Trade Agency of the Italian Embassy Department for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry, Forestry and Tourism of Italy, Franco Manzzato pointed out that Italy is extremely interested in further linking the agriculture sector with Serbia.

“All institutions have been invited to support the agriculture sector, new strategies have been planned for the next 20 years and we hope for a new financial support of four billion EUR,” said Mancato. “With investments in innovative technologies, we will strive to create new partnerships in Serbia in order to support and strengthen agricultural production.”

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia, Senad Mahmutovic pointed out that innovations in agriculture are now in the core of attention, because there is no modern and contemporary agricultural production without constant following of trends.

“Only by modern technology and digital systems we can be competitive on the market” Mahmutovic said. “Our goal now should be to increase production and quality, as well as to strengthen rural development. Italy is our true friend, not only because of the exchange of products, import from Italy and our exports to this country, but also because of the constant support of our agriculture and agricultural producers, as well as the exchange of experience in this field.”

The fact that domestic companies must constantly follow new trends and include innovative technologies in their production was also confirmed by Veljko Jovanovic, Chief of Agricultural Sector in Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

“Technological advance must definitely be in the focus,” Jovanovic said, stressing that Serbia needs investments in value chains, as well as the integration of small husbandries into the modern European market.” Technological processes are lead and dictated by the market. Fruit processors, who quickly realized this, are also present in the European market as well as in many others. We are dominantly directed to the European market, because it is the present, but also the future for Serbian food. The analyses show that the value of food that comes out of from the husbandries must be upgraded. We have a tradition, we have the quality, but we still need to improve constantly.


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