Fields have got EUR 20 million

Although it is too early to summarize the concrete sales results during the Fair, according to the preliminary data of the Business Association of Importers and Exporters of Agricultural Machinery members, the value of the contracts and created offers for the sale of agricultural machines will amount to about EUR 20 million, which represents one fifth of the annual turnover in the agricultural machinery market.

Satisfaction with the fair performance is obvious at the company Titan Machinery. They sold a new series of AXIAL 7250 combines, a dozen of tractors, several attachments, a telehendler, a sprinkler and a short plow.

“We are pleasantly surprised by the interest of visitors in headers, even more in navigation. There was also a lot of interest in fruit and vineyard tractors,“ says Marina Cupurdija from the company Titan Machinery.

“At the 86th International Agricultural Fair, the company KITE sold more than two million euros, which is one fifth of the annual plan,“ the KITE CEO, Djordje Miskovic, said. This company also fulfilled its plan to sell the 100th tractor in 2019 at the Fair. A lucky buyer will be rewarded with 100 liters of motor oil.

The company RTI is also more than pleased with the sale at the Agricultural Fair. The Sales Director, Goran Mickovic, stated that they have sold 35 tractors, three telehendlers and 15 attachment machines.

“Despite the bad weather, this year's Fair is better than last year's. Not only because of the visit, but because of the greater number of pre-invoices issued,“ the Sales Director of Agropanonka, Aleksandar Svonja, estimated.

They are very satisfied with the sale in AgroTech as well. During the fair, ten tractors got their owners and the true fair effects are expected after the Fair.

The National Exhibition of Russia had its premier edition at the International Agricultural Fair. The exhibited agricultural machinery attracted, due to the price-quality ratio, a special attention of the expert audience. The main organizer of the Exhibition, Aleksandar Volbek, emphasized that they are already planning to book 500 square meters of the exhibition space for the next Agricultural Fair.

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