Fair Of Hunting And Fishing And Fair Of Ecology Closed

Around 100 exhibitors from Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered at the Novi Sad Fair between 28th September and 2nd October.

They showcased equipment for hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures and sold it at reduced prices. At the same time, the exhibitors at the Fair of Ecology prepared a varied programme, primarily focused on introducing the youngest visitors to ecology, recycling and environment protection.

The management of the Novi Sad Fair had decided not to charge any admission fee to children under 12 between Friday, 30th September and Sunday, 2nd October.


The exhibitors at the Fair of Hunting and Fishing say that they are very satisfied with the number of visitors, who knew exactly what they were after and what they wanted to buy. The exhibitors have all announced they would return next year, rent larger stands and booths and offer wider ranges of products and they have also mentioned taking part in the Agricultural Fair. For the first time ever, this slot did not include the Fair of Tourism, which all exhibitors said was a good decision.

The LOV I JOŠ PONEŠTO PRODUCTION organized a programme at the outdoor exhibition area of the Novi Sad Fair. They are very satisfied with the reception they received. The programme was visited by around 300 children, who had an organized hunter’s breakfast, demonstration of animal luring, a meeting with eagle breeders and a parade of 17 different breeds of hunting dogs.

"NATIONAL PARK OF FRUŠKA GORA”, PC states that 2022 was a step in the right direction when it comes to the cooperation with the Novi Sad Fair though interactive networking of all relevant factors working on the promotion of ecological values and integration of citizens, organizations and public sector. As they say, this year, the Novi Sad Fair used professional cooperation and a promising vision to show how nature and society were inseparable. They pointed out that the common work encouraged the public to spend more active time in nature. The 3D exhibition was attended by 1,500 children on Saturday, 2nd October. The children and their parents alike left the exhibition with wonderful impressions.

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Raising awareness about the primary selection of waste is extremely important and the following organizations have joined forces on that task: the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Development and Environment Protection, Provincial Institute for Environment Protection, “Zelenilo”, “Gradska čistoća”, Primary and Secondary School “Milan Petrović“, as well as a number of associations, such as – A cap for a smile (Čepom do osmeha), Engineers of Environment Protection…              

Traditionally, the stand of the city Department of Environment Protection at the Fair of Ecology was packed with children, especially those in lower grades of primary school, for whom many workshops were organized.

For example, the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Development and Environment Protection organized presentation such as “Monitoring of non-agricultural land”, “Development Concept and Establishing Sanitary Landfill in Vojvodina – Past, Present and Future” and “Protect the Air – Establish a Landfill”

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Those from the A CAP FOR A SMILE association say that between 2,500 and 3,000 children visited their stand. They had around 30 workshops and they made, together with the youngest visitors, 1652 toys using recycled material in the “Master” Hall.

Recycling Island

The Recycling Island was set up near the cargo entrance to the fairground in cooperation with companies dealing with collection of various types of waste. The collected waste included edible oil, paper, glass, PET packaging and caps, while those who contributed to the campaign were awarded tickets to the Fair of Hunting and Fishing and the Fair of Ecology. Čepom do osmeha, Čistoća, PUC, Inženjeri zaštite životne sredine, Ekostar and  Esotron gave several hundreds of tickets to the Fair of Hunting and Fishing and the Fair of Ecology.


Journalists and hunters cross their wooden ladles

The representatives of media companies had an opportunity on Friday, 30th September to take part in the PRESS Trophy competition in making fish broth, which attracted more people than ever before. However, only 24 teams could compete and the winners were journalists from Večernje novosti.

The next day, representatives of hunting associations were competing in preparing hunter’s stew and the trophy went to Zrenjanin.

Similar delicacies were also available at the “Hunters’ House”- a makeshift restaurant offering game meat specialties. The restaurant was packed on every day of the event.


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