2017 Lorist Celebrates 50 Years of Success

The 50th Annual International Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Sport LORIST introduced all relevant state’s wildlife agencies and stakeholder groups in the forest sector.

In Hall 1 were Vojvodinašume and Srbijašume together with Serbia’s top four national parks: Kopaonik, Đerdap, Tara i Fruška Gora. On the other side of Hall 1 were located Hunters Alliance of Vojvodina and Hunters Association of the Republic of Srpska. Hunting supplies and fishing equipment retailers could only rub their hands together gleefully as hunting and fishing gear and supplies, hunting knives, tools and sharpeners sale reportedly skyrocketed. Zastava Arms (PJSC) sales reps said they were very proud with the success achieved at the expo. “We were particularly happy to have so many foreign delegations’ representatives show interest in visiting our pavilion and inquire in what we had to offer.”

“Sniper Company” Managing Director Dragan Savic said the number of people who visited their booth surpassed all of their expectations. “I could say, having attended the event, we produced positive results. The stand attracted a lot of buzz by hunting and outdoor enthusiasts; knives, hunting goods and ammunition were selling like hot cakes.”

After a five-year break,  Zastava Arms, PJSC was back on LORIST exhibitors’ list. Marketing Manager Zoran Susic said that a “large number of visits were made to the company’s pavilion resulting in extraordinary sales results, saying they were happy with how everything went down. “Not a day passed that we didn’t establish important contacts with prospective buyers, we sold quite a fee pieces of sporting rifles and guns”, said Susic. It seems this year’s LORIST was a perfect opportunity for the company to gain visibility for our top hunting goods as hunters were looking forward to purchasing high quality hunting rifles straight off the assembly line.

Hunting and fishing equipment store “Capriolo” Manager Goranka Kalember had every reason to feel satisfied with the sales figures.  “We deal in hunting and fishing goods and that was what we presented here at the 2017 LORIST. Dolling out some serious praise to the expo organizers, Kalember said she was ”excited about the media exposure our display achieved and attention from the prospective buyers, especially after the show.” It seems the company’s stand appealled to all people who love the outdoors, especially experienced hunters and fishermen, as well as novices. Some of the best-selling garments included hunting clothing, apparel and cartridges, and many of the visitors had already put a deposits on carbins. Kalember’s associate Zolt Crnkovic shared the same enthusiasm when it came to the sales numbers, saying that baitcasting reels and fishing rods with a price tag no lower than 10,000 dinars sold out the same day.

Vojvodinasume, a public company for forest management, celebrated its 15th anniversary at the 2017 LORIST. Throughout the event, it hosted a whole program of seminars, expert gatherings and networking meetings, with guest experts in the hunting and fishing fields. If you were an outdoor enthusiast or a company in the outdoor industry and you were looking to expand your business, than LORIST was the place for you.

For Srbijasume reps, a public company for forestry economy, the Fair of Hunting, Fishing and Sport was more than just a trade show; it was a major opportunity to introduce the company’s plan and  business activities for the next year to the general public. The highlight of the day included the National Gamekeeping Trophy Exhibition which celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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