86th International Agricultural Fair

About the Fair


11th - 17th May 2019.

Working time: 9 am - 7 pm

The International Agricultural Fair has maintained for years the reputation of one of the most important business events in the area of agriculture of the South East Europe. The number of participants and visitors, promotion of products and services from 60 countries worldwide, as well as business results place the Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair among ten most important agricultural fairs in Europe.

The event gathers the biggest players which present their products and services in the area of agricultural production, food and beverage industry, agricultural machinery, food-processing industry equipment, chemical and protective substances, organic food, as well as other products and services in agribusiness. The Fair is a place where farmers from the country and region meet.

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Running May 15-21, 2018, International Agricultural Fair was once again a dedicated platform for industry-related companies to showcase their latest technical, scientific and technology advances for the agricultural sector, and explore the industry’s growth and market potential of the farming world both across the board and in the region.

France was Friend Country; the show featured 11 joint exhibits, the existing exhibition program was extended and some new features were introduced, making it a leading show in the industry. Over 80 percent of all livestock was sold at the National Livestock Exhibition.

Exhibitor and visitors’ reviews suggest that the International Agricultural Fair has made a considerable impact on their overall experience:

• Exhibition space grew by 10 percent compared to the year before
• Increased number of foreign exhibitors
• Increased number of international industry leaders and professionals
• New features introduced for expert and wider audiences
• Food and drink Exhibition Program presented new items
• Stronger professional audience registration numbers
• Improved on-sight sales
• Serbian food and drink producers negotiated participation in foreign marketplaces through foreign distributors
• Farming machinery and equipment manufacturers and buyers concluded a great number of purchase pre-agreements. All these make International Agricultural Fair the leading trade show for agriculture, the educational, political and bilateral venue.

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Novosadski sajam MPS 2018 • Outdoor exhibit space: 47,000 m2
• Indoor exhibit space: 11,000 m2
• Number of Exhibitors: 1,500
• Individual exhibitors from 30 countries: Austria, Belgium, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Netherlands, Croatia, India, Israel, China, Luxembourg, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, Great Britain.
• 11 collective exhibits of companies from: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Israel, China, Hungary, Spain and Tunisia.
• Livestock show: 5,000 m2
• Over 1,600 head of best cattle featured at the National Livestock Show
• Product and service quality evaluation in 30 different segments
• Visitor registration numbers: 140,000


• Farming machinery show covered 23,500 m2 of indoor exhibit space. The exhibitors’ list included 20 members of the Association of Agricultural Machinery Importers, as well as other farming machinery and equipment dealers and vendors operating across the board. Agricultural machinery manufacturers from Austria, the Czech Republic, India, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine offered the most complete selection of cutting-edge agricultural products, equipment and services available in the farming industry. 
• According to the Association of Agricultural Machinery Importers’ records, the value of contracts negotiated during the Fair was set to an estimated 15 percent of agricultural machinery market turnover.

• National Livestock Show - sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, it featured 1,600 head of best livestock of the National Gene Pool. Cattlemen’s Day - hosted at Novi Sad Manege on Thursday, May 17, with the best cattle entries winning blue ribbons.

• Superior Quality Exhibition - Arranged by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, it comprised organic food, geographical indications (GIs), foods receiving the mark "Serbian Quality" and craft beer.

• Vojvodina Gastro Region Show - held under the auspices of the Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism, the Show displayed 30 small-scale artisanal food and beverage producers of Vojvodina.

• Spring Wine Festival - a two-day event dedicated to wine and wine varieties, spirits, gastronomy and culinary specialties.

• International "AgroB2B@NSFair" meetings - featured 119 company representatives from 16 countries.

• Congress Center Master hosted three dozen events, delivering educational, professional and scientific seminars for the agricultural sector.

• Product and service evaluation, carried out before and during the Fair, made in 30 different segments.



• Show jumping Contest
• Carriage driving
• Horse-drawn carriage Exhibition and "Children as Coachmen" Show
• Spring Wine Festival
• Raffle for visitors
• Family Day
• Small Animal Show
• Agropolygon
• Cattlemen’s Day and Blue Ribbon Livestock Showing
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